Yvette Perry

About Me

"The desired effect is what you get when you improve
your interplanetary funksmanship."
                                              (George Clinton)

I love music. I love communications. I love dogs.

Guess what?
I am really lucky to spend my career doing two of those.
Hey, two out of three ain’t bad…

I started out in the corporate arena, in the music business.
I worked at record companies, recording studios, a talent agency,
and a music-marketing company.

Then I founded my own music-marketing company, Three Dog Day Productions. I negotiated integrated marketing campaigns between corporate sponsors and major performing artists – many of them ground-breaking and all mutually beneficial.

Switching to the nonprofit arena, I directed marketing and communications efforts, exploiting those skill sets gained as a music-marketer. Happily, I landed at the New York Philharmonic. And yes, you guessed it. I managed the in-house record label. Steering Sweeney Todd Live at the New York Philharmonic to a GRAMMY nomination set the perfect example of what a little rock ‘n’ roll marketing know-how could do.

There are samples from both these arenas in my
Portfolio. So I won’t have to name them here, there you’ll see some of the great artists and companies I’ve worked with.

I’ve been a voting member of the GRAMMYS, sat on the boards of lots of performing arts and interfaith organizations, and been a member of Women In Communications.

A classically trained flutist, I attended the School of Performing Arts and received a music scholarship from The Juilliard School.
I hold a BA in Communications from The City University of New York.

My main blog, Yvette Perry's Blog, covers marketing, trends, culture, and the arts. There's conversation about hot topics, the latest tech stuff, books, who's doing what and how it impacts us, advertising and sponsorship campaigns, and plenty of tips on getting the most out of marketing and communicating with social media. With lots of talk about music - business, artists, songwriters and songwriting - I also note inspiring words of wisdom from very inspiring folk!
My fun blog, Lollapalingo, is all about words. As a professional communicator, my love for words and wordplay informs my work. Understanding the very tools that we use, that we need, in order to communicate is vital. And yes, there are always references to music. But you knew that.

Oh, one more thing I love. I love to listen – yeah, to rock ‘n’ roll, always to rock ‘n’ roll, but also to what people say and, even more, to what they don’t say.
As John Marshall said,
“To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well.”
Words I work by.

Here are four ways I can help you: 

          • On staff in a marketing and communications capacity.
          • On a freelance basis to consult on marketing and communications strategy.
          • On a freelance basis to write, edit, or polish articles, newsletters, speeches, website content, and all communications and promotional materials.
          • As a freelance writer of featured articles in publications and blogs.

So let's talk. Or rather, you talk. I'll listen.
(Preferably with some music in the background. And a Westie.)


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